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 Type:Condensing Units

As the hot water equipment of supplied-hot system, the heat pump units of air source with the strongpoint: low operation fee, highly capacity coefficient, no pollution, safety, small footprint etc.

Climate zone  be suitable for -5℃~40℃
Whole day  It doesn’t effected by the weather. It can supply the hot water no matter overcast/rainy/snow or sunshine, or day and night. So it doesn’t exit the shortcoming of solar water heater depending on the sunshine for heating and effecting by the climate.
Safety and environmental protection  the water and the power totally separated, safety use, without the danger of leakage of electricity or the exploding/poisoning of gas-fired water-heater, also without the pollution of the waste residue from the fuel boiled, with low consume and no pollution
High-efficiency Energy-saving  use the low temperature hot source, distill triplicate energy, improved energy efficiency consumedly, according with the National Industry policy
Reliably controller   Simple and auto operation, stop the machine automatically
High efficiency Investment  with special saving-energy, clients can disinvestment within one or two years; the life of units with more than fifteen years

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