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Review of the exhibitions of Jiangsu Products Travelling
Author:Jiangsu Xuemei Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.  Time:2014-03-12  

     Since 2009 when the Jiangsu Products Travelling started , there are totally 15 exhibitions. The Jiangsu Products Travelling is organized by the provincial government, purposed to help manufacturers to exhibit, publicity, sell the goods and further open the domestic market. The exhibitions have been held in Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, and etc.

       As China Good Quality and Famous Product, XUEMEI product is appointed to attend the Jiangsu Products Travelling, which encouraged the staff who carry out the slogan of quality is the most important of a factory. The exhibited semi-hermetic compressors, ice cream machines, and large refrigeration units attract attention of the visitors as well as the Provincial and municipal leaders. After exhibitions, the company would update the web site with the details and photos of the exhibitions, which enhance the company image.

       While attend the exhibition, the company invited the local distributors to visit the booth and paid return visit to the main distributor where the company can get the updated situation, requirements of distributor, and also the market information, which further deepen the relationship and win the praise of the distributors.

       Year 2014 is an important year for industrial economy restructure. The company would take the advantage of renovation of the equipments and production lines after relocation of the company to show a new image.

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