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Set great goals and Better equipment
Author:Jiangsu Xuemei Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.  Time:2014-02-28  

     Took the moving opportunity, company invested substantially in equipment replacement and technical transformation with the goal of quality improvement and production capacity increase. Company have invested tens of millions to import a high-precision 80 horizontal machine center from Japan and two domestic advanced 63 horizontal machine centers. At the same time, we also invited the Beijing experts to transform the original machine centers together with our technicians, and replaced all existing ordinary lathes with CNC lathes, so that saved human resources and ensured the accuracy. Production line equipments for compressors were all upgrading and transforming. What’s more, company invited well-known experts to design and built three new compressor performance inpection centers in the original basis, so that ensure not only the production capacity increase but also performance improvement. In short, took this moving opportunity, company invested a lot of manpower, material and finiancial resources to enlarge the production capacity and impove the quality, which brought company scale to the next level. 

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