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JIANGSU XUEMEI REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. 2014 Dealers Symposium had a smooth start
Author:Jiangsu Xuemei Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.  Time:2014-12-05 09:57:12  

    “JIANGSU XUEMEI REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. 2014 Dealers Symposium”was held successfully in Taizhou Country Garden on December 24th . There are more than 100 customers all over the country attended this symposium. In this regard, I express my sincere gratitude to the community.

    The aim of this symposium is “conspire together the development and create the brilliancy together”. At the meeting director XiaTian first made an opening speech; Then Doctor Hu from Xi'an Jiaotong University gave a speech about “ Carbon dioxide technology application and refrigeration technology development trend”; we focus on University-enterprise joint to develop new product. Nature refrigerant CO2 replace R22 can achieve the goal to drop out HCFCS, now we are in development phase based on theory which is given by Doctor Hu, this is University-enterprise joint to create the future.

    After meeting, we preside over the open communication on five series of agriculture subsidy, condensing unit(screw,water-cooled and parallel),electric control, compressor and heat exchange.We always uphold the principle of no best only better and pursue improvement to make our products more and more better. Through this communication, we more clearly know that which products are more suitable for market and acceptable by customers. At the same time, our technicians deeply discussed on how to use new material and technology to improve the quality and reduce the cost which is raised by dealers.

    Now, our new plant is completed. We invested 8 million to import several CNC and 5 million to buy test platform. This time, our workshop was overall open and dealers can visit production line and consult workers. After this the dealers are very satisfied with the advanced equipments, scientific management system and modern plant. In order to answer our country's call of frugality, we organized dealers to visit water town and did some water activities to enjoy the nature. Although this schedule just has 2 days, the dealers are very satisfied with our arrangement and looking forward to the next meeting.

    In future, XUEMEI will use UNEP promotion program as guide, import Japanese and European technology as foundation and take advanced producing equipments as support to ensure long term development. We will pay more attention to the details, thereby improving the performance and appearance of our compressors, at the same time we will more focus on factory inspection to ensure the quality.

    We will develop more series products to provide more environmental protection , energy saving and intelligent new products. We will stand at the front of the age to better meet the demands of customers.

    With the development of export trade, XUEMEI products have been sold to many other regions in Southeast Asia, Europe and South America,etc. But we need to learn from Huawei to create our own national brand and develop a broader international market. We believe we will created one and another miracles in everyone’s efforts.

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