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Review and prospect of XUEMEI pressure vessel products
Author:Jiangsu Xuemei Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.  Time:2008-09-12  

     All kinds of refrigeration units are one of XUEMEI company’s main products. The matched receiver, water-cooled condenser and dry evaporator are the inportant components of refrigeration units and they belong to the category of pressure vessel. Previously, this kind of products reply on purchasing, so the produce term is always affected. The quality of purchased part and material can’t be guaranteed to meet the requirements.

     In order to pruduce refrigeration units faster and better, XUEMEI company applied for pressure veesel manufacturing license at the end of 2004. For which the company do a series of works:

    1.  Commissioned the professional institute to design product drawing.

    2.  Organized to edit “D2 grade pressure vessel quality assurance manual”, “D2 grade pressure vessel management system” and “D2 grade pressure vessel program files” accord to “Boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing regulatorymeasures” and “Pressure vessel safety technology supervision”. Formulated quality control system of pressure vessel, appointed a warranty engineer of pressure vessel and assigned 8 responsible persons for erery system of pressure vessel.

    3. Accord to the standards set by the province EPA, we built a X-ray detection, purchased the professional equipments and trained NDT technicians and welding engineers.

    4.  Accord to requirement of products, we did a series of works include welding technology test, tensile and bending strength and drag force test for tube plateand and other tests.

    After 2 years of effort, we have succesfully passed the examination by pressure vessel expert group and obtained the pressure vessel producing license. Company strictly enforced the “ pressure vessel regulation”, “GB150”, “GB151”, and “JB/T4750-2003”, etc. All procedudures from material incoming inspection to remark and storage to ex warehouse to metal process ,weld, assembly to water and air pressure test all follow the requirement of quanlity control system. And we used process flow cards to act control point and stop point system of quality. All of the wrok played a key role to ensure product quality.

    Recently we specially bought a vertical machining center to process groove of tube plate.This machining center using multichannel seal groove design, so that the drag force significantly enhanced to reach to 9.2Mpa and is higher than national standard. Significantly enhanced the competitiveness within their industry.

    Through 3 years of continue exploration and innovation, now company have formed various models of receivers, water-cooled condensers and shell&tube evaporators. All of them have passed inspection of city CSEI. The matched records such as flow cards, pressure test reports, NTD reports and finished prouct drawing were all binded in a volume, so as to realize the tractability. Now our pressure vessels not only can meet the needs of our refrigeration units, but also can be sold separately and became our company’s new growth point.

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