Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snowing in Hell

Hell Flakes
Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Recipes

I was contacted last month by a BMM reader who wanted to spread the word about a new product he has introduced to the chilihead world. Todd Wilber himself was this person and he is the blogger of an awesome site about top secret recipes Within this website, he offers cloned recipes of favorite American dishes, recipe books and a selection of spices. These are all experiments done by him in his own kitchen until he replicates the dish we have all grown to love over the years. The product he contacted me about is simply called "Hell Flakes" and is a five-pepper blend of chili peppers ranging from sweet bell peppers to habaneros. He sent me a sample and I anxiously waited for its arrival from Southern California.

The 1.9 oz shaker arrived within a few days and I wasted no time giving it a go. On the shaker, the ingredients are listed as "Dried Chile Flakes". That's it. No salt. No sugars. No added spices or preservatives. I took in the different red and brown colors of the flakes, dabbed some on my palm and cleaned them off with my tongue. The flakes packed a great flavor like crushed red pepper flakes but better, and much hotter. 5 times to be exact. I decided to try it on some fried tilapia that evening. With some steamed veggies for a side, dinner was served and I sat down to enjoy it.

The flakes made my fish filet outstanding. I normally put some homemade ghost rub on fried fish but these flakes added a whole new flavor. Since there aren't any added spices or salts, it cannot simply replace a rub or seasoning but whatever you would use crushed reds on, Hell Flakes would make a great substitute. My mouth burned pretty good but it wasn't too powerful. The 5-pepper blend to the fish was just right. I was impressed with the combination of sweet and hot peppers. We have since used the Hell Flakes on baked chicken, soups, wing sauce and (of course) pizza. I will personally order more Hell Flakes when my sample runs out. They run $6.95 on Todd's website and should last for a little while. Say goodbye to the average crushed red pepper flake and add a little Hell to your recipes!

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