Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wing Fest 2012

2012 Southern Hot Wing Festival

It's that time of year again when we fire up the smoker and heat up the oil. Burn My Mouth will be represented by a new team called "On The Wings Of Love" at this year's Southern Hot Wing Festival in downtown Memphis this Saturday, April 21st. 2 teams from last year, "The Red Wings" and "Two Guys, One Cluck" have joined forces to combine techniques and tools to become the King of the Wing in 2012. Last year, our teams placed 10th and 3rd, respectively, so we know how to do this thing. We've got sponsors signed up to help us out including Whole Foods, Spindini, Alex's Tavern, 3 Little Birds Custom Cakes and some late-comers to name later. We have also recruited Seth from Best Memphis Burger to be on our team. Lot's of things to be excited about, for sure!

Besides the changes in our team, there are also lots of changes with the event itself. It will no longer be in the historic South Main District, rather, located now on Riverside Drive at Jefferson Davis Park, between Beale and Jefferson. Also, this event is no longer being judged by Memphis BBQ Network. They have changed the format and brought in KCBS, Kansas City BBQ Society, to do the judging. It's a totally different format where we will no longer have 3 on-site judges visiting our booth at different times as well as a blind box turn-in. KCBS simply wants a blind box only. The 12 top teams from that round will then be asked to submit another box and the winners are picked from there. All of this will be new to us, but we come without any fear for winning this wing thing!

If you make it downtown this weekend, you don't want to miss this fun event. All proceeds, once again, benefit the Ronald McDonald House. $10 at the gate gets you as many wings as you can eat from teams handing out samples and if you stop in and say hi to us at On The Wings Of Love, I'll make sure you get a cold beverage, too! Just be on the lookout for the banner below. Hope to see you there!

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