Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jolokia Mania

CaJohns Fiery Foods Jolokia Salsa and Sauce 10

I was given a few sauces as a gift last year by a friend and was really impressed with them. See post here: I then made a mental note to try more CaJohns products in the future. They have several to choose from and seem to be adding new stuff all the time. After joining a few forums and talking to several other hot sauce lovers out there, I found my next CaJohns experiment. Being a huge fan of the ghost pepper, I decided to purchase a salsa and a sauce from their jolokia line of products. I don't believe I could have chosen any better.

The Jolokia salsa is incredible. To me, it is hot enough to set off a bowl of cheese dip and mild enough to enjoy by itself. It isn't something that will rip your face off like Death By Salsa. It is extremely potent salsa, however, and is not for the weak tongue. Upon first taste, it comes off very sweet but then the heat follows to make a perfect mixture of the two. The ghost peppers give it the right amount of heat for it to be bearable and without the addition of any pepper extracts, it has a really good flavor. I've found it to be an excellent compliment to cheese dip and an even better topping on a taco. After about half a dozen dips with some chips, even the most hardcore heat connoisseur will break a sweat.

The Jolokia Sauce 10 was up next. I first read the label which states this sauce was made as a CaJohns 10th anniversary celebration product. I was really excited to try it because of the great reviews it has received and after learning it was a special addition, the intensity grew. Looking at the sauce, it has an inconsistent texture which came out of the bottle slightly thin but with thick, smaller chunks. I figured then that it would make an awesome spread on a sandwich so I fried up a chicken breast and gave it a dab. I was instantly blown away with the flavor. The heat hits you instantly in a sweet tang then the rest of the sauce's spices kick in, leaving an incredible flavor. The sauce is a lot hotter than the salsa, so a small bottle should go a long way. Just like the salsa, CaJohn doesn't use any extracts which will rob a sauce of any good flavor it may have. After all the sauces I have acquired over the years, this one has already become one of my top favorites.

To summarize, CaJohns continues to marvel me with their originality and creative flavors. I will continue to monitor any new products that they release and suggest that any hot sauce lover do the same!

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