Monday, May 31, 2010

Ragin Cajun

Liquid Napalm

Another recent trip to New Orleans by another group of friends resulted in another hot sauce experience. This one, though, includes a lot of flavor to the heat. My friend Jakki picked me up a bottle of Cajun Heat's Liquid Napalm. At first glance, you can instantly tell that it's not like a lot of other hot sauces. The texture of the sauce is thick and somewhat chunky, almost like a salsa. Upon first taste, I knew I was going to like this stuff. I read a few reviews on The Hot Pepper and one reviewer said he likes to put this sauce on chicken sandwiches. Quick, cheap, easy and awesome; a frozen, fried chicken breast patty on a bun is a consistent meal for me at home. I normally put hot wing sauce on the sandwich, typically some BWW Blazing sauce so I was prepared to burn my mouth with a new option. The texture of Liquid Napalm is perfect for sandwiches. It spreads very easily like a spicy brown mustard but packs a lot more heat than it's texture counterpart. The flavor of this sauce is amazing. I did not taste any extract that normally overpowers a lot of hot sauces. The heat kicked in instantly but wasn't overwhelming, leaving an excellent taste behind. The ingredients on the bottle are very vague and say "If you knew, you wouldn't eat it!", but I'm sure I still would! With that said, I believe Cajun Heat uses nothing but fresh ingredients in this sauce. A slight hint of sweet, black pepper and habanero flavors combine to make this one of the best sauces I have in my collection. It probably won't last long because Blazing sauce is stepping aside for the time being on my chicken sandwiches.

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