Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hot Lava

CaJohns Magma Hot Sauce

Recently, some friends of mine went to New Orleans for the weekend and came back with a fiery surprise for me. Magma and Frost Bite hot sauces made by CaJohns out of Columbus, Ohio. Inspired by recipes and peppers found in Southern MS and NOLA, it's only fitting that they sell the sauces on Bourbon St. These are very unique, yet simple recipes. Vinegar, water, salt and capsicum extract. The uniqueness is how the extract separates from the vinegar, creating a lava lamp-like look. Once shaken, the sauce then resembles the familiar look of Louisiana hot sauce. Looks are deceiving, however because the heat is nothing like something found in the grocery store. The extract in the Magma recipe is 1 million Scoville while half as potent at 500k for the Frost Bite. Upon first taste, it was all vinegar which I instantly thought would be perfect on a pulled pork sandwich. The heat kicked in about 10 seconds later and the sweating began. I stopped there for the sake of tasting the Frost Bite, which had a similar flavor but not as hot. They say you can use the Frost Bite in cocktails, but something about a hot martini just doesn't sound good. Either way, I will be using this sauce in various dishes that have a vinegar portion in the recipe. Thank you, Susan and Natalie, for burning my mouth!

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